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Author Pavan Lall Talks About R. N. Bhaskar’s Book On Gautam Adani’s Journey To Eminence


Author and journalist Pavan Lall talks about R. N. Bhaskar’s book ‘Gautam Adani: Reimagining Business in India and the World.’

Lall, in a video for BQ Prime, said senior journalist Bhaskar traces Gautam Adani’s journey to become the one of the eminent businessmen in India.

“Mr. Bhaskar starts off at the beginning of Mr Adani’s career. He talks about his childhood in Gujarat, where he’s the youngest child in a family of seven…He attends high school but isn’t much of a student, he then goes on to become a diamond trader, and then jumps into imports and exports.”

That essentially forms the groundsoil of his trading abilities and instincts, he said.


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