Autoart 993R By Paul Stephens Is A Modernized Porsche 993


Porsche specialist Paul Stephens unveiled his latest creation, the Autoart 993R. This modernized version of the 993 Carrera 2 features an increased power output, weight-saving measures, a revised chassis, and a slightly updated design.

Speaking about the Porsche 993, Paul Stephens said: “We chose this model as it is the most advanced series of the air-cooled era and has a unique appearance that is still appreciated today”. The project took five years to develop including “several thousands of miles of road and track development”. The goal was to improve every aspect of the stock 993 (1994-1998) by 25 percent, with a “less is more” approach.

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According to the company “no nut or bolt has been left unturned” and “no panel unscrutinized”. As a result, the 993 is blessed by the “speed, precision and adaptability” of modern Porsche models, while keeping its air-cooled characteristics and smaller footprint.

Visually, the 993 has been overhauled, with redesigned body panels made of composite materials. The most obvious change is on the front bumper featuring larger Carrera GT-style intakes, the rear bumper housing a discreet diffuser with dual exhaust pipes, and of course the ducktail rear spoiler. The steel bonnet has been replaced by an aluminum part from Porsche Motorsport, and the electric sunroof has been deleted for weight-saving reasons. The 18-inch alloy wheels are borrowed from the 996 GT3 RS and are shod in Michelin Pilot Sport tires.

The diet continues inside the cabin where we find a set of Recaro bucket seats made of carbon fiber, a roll cage, lighter glass for the side windows, and new composite panels for the doors. Amenities like electric windows, a central-locking glovebox, audio system, roof lights, factory switches, and airbags have been deleted, shaving off more weight. In this context, the factory air-conditioning system has been replaced by a lighter module.

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The air-cooled flat-six engine has been enlarged to 3.8-liters, benefiting from a crankshaft, bearings, and oil pump sourced from the 997 GT3, lighter steel con rods, pistons from the RSR, bespoke camshafts using solid lifters by Porsche Motorsport, and a Cargraphic performance exhaust.

As a result, the mill produces 325 hp (246 kW / 330 PS), or optionally up to 355 hp (268 kW / 360 PS), representing a healthy increase over the stock model’s 268 hp (203 kW / 272 PS). In the most powerful guise, the redline has been increased to 8,500 rpm. Likewise, torque is 360 Nm (265.5 lb-ft). Power is transmitted to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox with the help of a Wavetrack limited-slip differential.

Besides the extra power, the 993R has a reduced weight of 1,220 kg (2,690 pounds) compared to the 1,370 kg (3,020 pounds) of the original 993 Carrera 2. The company didn’t announce the performance credentials but highlighted the 993R’s potential by saying that its power-to-weight ratio is better than that of a 997 GT3.

Furthermore, the chassis has been upgraded with a new five-way Tractive Ace semi-active adjustable suspension that is controlled by a bespoke Electrical Control Module (ECM) offering five different settings. As for the brakes, the 993R is using discs and brake calipers sourced from the 993 RS.

Autoart didn’t announce pricing for the 993R but we suspect it will cost a lot more than a stock 993 Carrera 2 due to the extent of the upgrades. Still, the enhanced version of the last air-cooled 911 is expected to be cheaper than the more extreme Gunther Werks 400R, as well as anything coming from Singer.


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