Behold The Horror And Glory Of The Mercedes S63 Brabus V12 Maybach, Complete With 12 Exhaust Tips


The Mercedes S-Class embraces the idea of understated luxury, but one owner definitely didn’t get the memo.

Noticed by a TikTok user, this monstrosity is an insult to eyeballs as well as every fiber of our being.

It’s hard to know where to start, but the model has been equipped with an “S MAY BACH” branded grille featuring the world’s ugliest three-pointed star. It’s joined by a Maybach hood ornament as well as multiple AMG badges.

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Speaking of badging, the front fenders are ridiculous as they read like a bullet list with entries including V12, 900, 6.3, and AMG. This is echoed further back with Rocket, 900, 6.3, and Maybach badging on the rear pillars as well as S63, Brabus, V12, and Maybach lettering on the trunk.

The insanity doesn’t end there as the car has been equipped with chrome mirror caps and a bright fuel filler door. On top of that, there’s enough cheap chrome trim to deplete an AutoZone.

Elsewhere, there are aftermarket wheels that feature yellow and green accents. However, those are relatively tame next to the 12 exhaust tips. Besides the fake side exiting exhausts, the model has been outfitted with a center-mounted quad exhaust that augments the other four-tailpipe exhaust system.

Finishing things off is a license plate saying “Fack Off,” which shows once and for all that money doesn’t buy taste.

Note: Video contains NSFW language


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