Bentley Almost Done Making Bacalars, Will Soon Reveal New Coachwork Special


Bentley says that it has completed eight of the 12 Bacalar barchettas it intends to make and will soon hand over the final custom car to its customer. And the experience has been so good that the company says it has more plans for the future.

Each Bacalar is unique, designed in concert with the owner, who gets to choose from billions of configurations. Although there are some common features, like the 22-inch wheels and the body, customers get to choose from any number of colors, materials, and finishes.

One example, first shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, has its carbon fiber coach work painted in Sunset Orange and has the center of the headlights color matched to the body. The brightwork along the side skirts and the rear diffuser, meanwhile, are also finished in orange.

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Providing contrast are the 22-inch tri-color wheels whose dark gray satin finish is paired with polished faces and gloss black highlights. The hood vents and side mirrors also play against the bright exterior color by allowing the carbon fiber to peek through, while the side vents, door handles, and grille, are all finished in gloss black.

Inside, meanwhile, the theme continues with Mandarin orange leather accentuating the top roll, the center line of the steering wheel, the door release, and the gear lever. The stitching in the oval perforated Beluga piping and the cross stitching along the door are also orange. The owners even opted to get a set of Mandarin Orange custom luggage to go with their new vehicle.

Bentley also offers a number of unusual material choices to give customers more opportunities to make their Bacalar unique. Some of the paint finishes use ash from rice husks to provide a metallic finish in a more sustainable way. Natural British wool can also be selected for certain surfaces, while some trim pieces can be finished in 5,000-year-old Riverwood from the Fenlands of East Anglia.

“Designing a Bacalar is an exercise in imagination, with the material, color and finish of practically every interior and exterior surface being bespoke,” said Maria Mulder, head of color, materials, and finishes at Bentley. “Regardless of your personal style, whether it be to specifying your Bacalar with a bold Yellow Flame exterior paint synthesized with rice husk ash, or a more subtle Moss Green that reflects Bentley’s heritage, developing your own artisan piping, or co-create a unique fabric blend, the Bacalar has provided all of these opportunities.”

Made mostly by Mulliner, the company’s in-house customization team, once the finishing touches are put on the final four Bacalars, and they are handed over to their new owners, the team has confirmed that it will turn its attentions to its next coachbuilding project, which it promises will be revealed soon.


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