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Bentley Bacalar Is So Fancy That It Inspired The Interior Designs Of A Private Jet And Helicopter


Over the last decade or so, automakers have taken to signalling the fanciness of their interiors by comparing them to first-class travel on a jet. Bentley, though, has flipped the script.

Its recent return to coach building was heralded by the Bacalar, a high-performance GT car that was limited to just 12 examples. So fancy is it, that private jets and helicopters are now trying to keep up with it.

Flexjet, a fractional ownership and leasing company for private aviation, recently unveiled a pair of Gulfstream G650 private jets, as well as a pair of Sikorsky S-76 helicopters, that were personalized specifically to look like the Bacalar.

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The jets reflect this change on the outside. Flexjet’s normal livery of a red-gold chameleon paint tone has been replaced by a silver-green chameleon paint that is inspired by the Julep color offered by Bentley on the Bacalar.

In fact, that is the exact color that Kenn Ricci, the owner of Flexjet, chose for his Bacalar. Moreover, the basket woven seats that combine Linen and Beluga leather in his car, are replicated in the jet. As is the 5,000-year-old reclaimed river wood that forms the hand-crafted veneer of the car and now the jet. Satin Bacalar Bronze fittings also adorn the planes’ cabins, as well as unique diamond-carved carpets.

And, maybe there’s a reason the Bentley is inspiring jets, because although one of Flexjet’s Bacalar-inspired Gulfstream G650s was ready for a flight at Farnborough Airport on October 17, Ricci’s own Bacalar is still being made.

In order to see the jet off for a flight to New York, therefore, it had to be met at the airport by Bentley’s Bacalar development prototype, known as Car Zero. The helicopter, meanwhile, made its debut at The Quail, as part of Monterey Car Week, in August.

Powered by a 6.0-liter W12 engine, the Bacalar makes use of 659 PS (650 HP/485 kW). Its interior, meanwhile, is trimmed in a variety of the finest materials available, all of which are sustainably sourced, the brand says. Its lofty price of $2 million, though, means that it’s only likely to catch the eye of people with private jet money.


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