Bentley Teams Up With Bomber To Create A Pair Of Skis, Poles, And A Helmet


If you enjoy skiing and love nothing more than hitting the slopes during winter, a set of skis and other accessories have just been unveiled by Bentley. Yes, Bentley, the luxury automaker.

The British car manufacturer obviously isn’t known for producing skis so for the 2022/2023 winter season, it has partnered with Bomber Ski. The skis are known as the ICE Edition and are available in both white and grey configurations. Regardless of the color, all skis feature six silver-plated 3D diamond emblems made from brass-polished nickel to really stand out.

Bentley says that these emblems enhance the performance of the skis and also act as a nod to the embroidered motifs found on some of the brand’s leather upholstery. Each pair of skis takes approximately 32 hours to create and use Bomber’s full wood core sandwich construction. They also feature Titanal and fiberglass in their construction and have been designed to suit skiers of all levels of experience. The skis are also said to be suitable for all terrains from ice to groomed pistes and powder. Just 200 pairs of the skis will be produced.

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Beyond the skis, Bentley and Bomber Ski also teamed up to design ski poles that recall the heritage of classic Bentley gear levers. These poles are made from lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum while the grips are finished with soft eco-leather.

A lightweight Bentley-branded helmet is also available. It is made from lightweight Kevlar sandwiched between two layers, features polystyrene inside and comes with an integrated and removable photochromic visor. It also has durable eco-leather and sports a Solid Fragrance Release system developed by Oikos Fragrances.

“Bomber is proving to be the perfect partner for Bentley in this action-packed space, combining luxury and performance while adding some allure to skiers on the slopes,” Bentley lifestyle design manager Chris Cooke explained. “The skis and accessories we’ve designed together have been inspired by the visual language of Bentley models but everything we design has a purpose beyond decoration; the 3D geometry on the surface of the skis not only creates a dramatic aesthetic but is part of the skis structure, concentrated in areas where support and response are needed most by the skier.”

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