Bentley Unveils The Dezervator, The Car Elevator For Its 61-Storey Building In Miami


Back in April 2021, Bentley announced that it would construct America’s tallest beachfront residential tower in Miami and that each residence would get an in-unit garage. Now it’s revealing how vehicles will actually get up the 749 ft (228 m) building.

Dubbed the “Dezervator” in honor of Bentley‘s partner, Dezer Developments, the single-car elevator will be able to lift vehicles up to owners’ garages on all floors, including the highest, 61st story.

The ride starts simply enough as you drive into the building with your vehicle. All residents’ vehicles will be fitted with an RFID tag that automatically gives them access to the building and starts a light show to direct them to where they should stop, kind of like in an automatic car wash.

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From there, a hydraulic system pinches the car by its tires and pulls it onto a robotic shuttle system, which carries the car, with its driver inside, to the correct floor and unit. The start of the ride should be scenic, too, because the Dezervator is enclosed in glass, allowing riders to see the common spaces in the lower levels of the building.

Once it has arrived to the right floor, the Dezervator stops and operates as a turn table, letting the car and its occupant into their garage. Residences on the east side of the building have a 1,552 square foot (144 square meter) garage that can hold up to four vehicles. Residences on the west side, meanwhile, have an 1,145 square foot (106 square meter), three-car garage. Either way, it comes with charging ports for EVs.

If you’re curious about what that looks like, you can visit the Bentley Residences website, which now allows people to take virtual tours of the building. For those who will be near Sunny Isles Beaches, Miami, in person tours of a sales gallery and a full-size model of one of the building’s 6,000 square foot (557 square meter) apartments are offered.

You’ll probably want to put on your Sunday best, though, because prices for the units start at $4.2 million and the building will be completed in 2026. With a single-car elevator serving all 61 floors, it should be the most expensive way to become stuck in rush hour traffic from the comfort of your own garage.

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