Biden Administration Reportedly Considering Sending “Gas Rebate Cards” To Americans


The national average price of a gallon of gasoline has fallen to $5.000, but that’s $1.925 more than a year ago.

The high prices have been hitting Americans hard and the White House is reportedly considering sending out gas rebate cards to help offset the impact.

Citing an unnamed White House official, Fox Business is reporting the Biden administration hasn’t ruled out the possibility of rebate cards. They went on to say, “The president has made clear that he is willing to explore all options and hear all ideas that would help lower gas prices for the American people.”

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While the official cautioned that “no decisions have been made,” many Americans would likely be receptive to the plan as COVID-related stimulus checks were a hit. However, with inflation running rampant, there will likely be concerns that adding more money into the economy will only make matters worse.

There’s no word on how much the gas rebate cards could be worth, but a number of governments have been working to tackle sky-high fuel costs. Several states – including Connecticut, Georgia and New York – have temporarily suspended gas taxes while others are considering doing the same.

The Washington Post reports the Biden Administration initially rejected the idea of gas rebate cards months ago and “found that shortages in the U.S. chip industry would make it hard to produce enough rebate cards.” That wasn’t the only problem as officials reportedly feared they wouldn’t be able to prevent people from using the cards to purchase items other than gasoline.

While the proposal is now back on the table, the publication says it would likely require approval from Congress and may “face long odds among lawmakers wary of spending more money.”


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