Bizarre Porsche 911 ‘Safari’ Style Test Mule Spied With Widened Tracks And Funky Fenders


The latest spy photographs to come across the Carscoops desk are unusual, to say the least. A mule based on the 992-generation 911 Turbo with a range of modifications is the subject of these photos, with our spies noting that it doesn’t appear to be a factory Porsche tester but a third party tuner model. More specifically, it could be a prototype from Marc Philip Gemballa as evidenced by the wheel design which matches that of the limited run Marsien.

Seen at the Nürburgring, the most notable modifications on this test mule are all located around the wheels. Naturally, there are those ersatz wheel arches that do little to cover the wheels, which sit several inches past of the unmodified part of the body.

The massive center-lock wheels, suggest that this is a serious performer, since that is racecar technology that is still reasonably uncommon on road cars. The body is also visibly riding higher than a stock 992 911.

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That led some to posit that this might be another test mule for the upcoming off-road-oriented Dakar 911. Although the test mule we’ve seen testing previously looked different, it did have widened wheel arches, but they were better integrated into the body than this mule’s. Plus, the chances of any Porsche factory tester wearing the same rims as Marc Philip Gemballa’s Marsein are close to zero.

Our man with the long lens tells us that the mule was caught testing alongside a classic Audi Sport Quattro with an almost identical (M 051014) plate. He added that  that the 911 was later seen getting some help with brake parts from a Nürburgring rental company.

If it does indeed turn out to be a Marc Philip Gemballa model, it could be anything from a test mule for the existing small series production Marsien, to a new variant of the latter or perhaps a new build altogether that’s just starting to take shape. Either way, we’ll be interested to see what comes out of this test mule as we eventually find out more.

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Photo Credit: Carpix for Carscoops


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