BMW M3 And M4 Get A Nosejob By Adro’s Ex-Mercedes And Rivian Designer


Nearly two years have passed since the debut of the BMW M3 and M4, but tuners are still trying to “fix” the controversial kidney grille by introducing aftermarket bodykits. Adro gave an early facelift to the M3 and the M4, including a sharper nose and a carbon-fiber bodykit created with the help of a former Mercedes-Benz designer.

Unlike other tuners that were limited to tweaking the inside of the grille, Adro created an entirely new front bumper. A direct comparison shows that the bodykit respects BMW’s design language, going for OEM-style looks.

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The stock BMW M4 (left) versus Adro’s take (right). Notice the wider but smaller kidney grille, and the reshaped bumper intakes retaining a similar style to the original.

The new grille is 10 percent smaller than before, sporting a wider and narrower shape while it is positioned lower for a shark-nose effect. The kidneys grew further apart from each other, with their top end coinciding with the LED headlights. The lower bumper intakes are also reshaped, with the aerodynamic fins gaining a more aggressive angle and a separate lower intake above the pronounced carbon fiber splitter.

The new design makes the car look wider and more exotic, narrowing the gap between the M3/M4 and the upcoming 3.0 CSL Hommage. Despite the changes, the new bumper is compatible with the factory-spec sensors and mounting positions on the chassis. It also fits both the regular and Competition variants of the M3 and M4, as well as with the track-focused M4 CSL. The rest of Adro’s bodykit includes aerodynamic extensions for the side skirts, a custom diffuser, and a swan-neck rear wing that is exclusive to the M4.


Davis Lee, Chief Designer at Adro who has previously worked for Mercedes-Benz and Rivian, said: “We had a specific goal and that was to fix all the wrong fundamentals of this front fascia and design a front the M4 deserves”, describing the M3 and M4 as the kings of high-performance sedans and coupes.

The tuner didn’t mess up with the underpinnings of the BMW M models. This means that the lowered suspension and the aftermarket wheels you see in the gallery are not included in the package. The stock twin-turbo 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine produces 473 hp (352 kW / 479 PS) in the regular M3 / M4, a healthier 503 hp (375 kW / 510 PS) in Competition form, or up to 543 hp (550 PS / 411 kW) in the M4 CSL. Depending on the configuration power is transmitted to the rear wheels or to all four wheels through the rear-biased M xDrive system.

Adro’s BMW M3 and M4 will debut at the 2022 SEMA show. The tuner will start accepting pre-orders for the kit in November. Those who will pre-order the kit get discounted prices. More specifically, interested parties will need $3,100 for the front bumper, $700 for the front lip, $1,900 for the side skirts, $3,100 for the diffuser, and another $3,100 for the swan-neck rear wing for a total of $11,900.


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