BMW Rumored To Increase U.S. Prices By As Much As 3.7% In 2023


BMW is reportedly set to jack up the prices of various models in the United States by at least 1.2 per cent and almost 4 per cent for some models.

Information from an unnamed BMW source shared to the i4 Talk forum claims that the price hikes will occur in the middle of the current 2023 model year and have been triggered by soaring rates of inflation. It appears some of the price changes will be into effect from January 2023 while others will be implemented in March 2023.

Prices increase start with various 2-Series models, including the 228i Gran Coupe, 228i xDrive Gran Coupe, 230i Coupe and 230i xDrive Coupe that will have their prices jacked up by $1,200, $1,200, $800, and $800 respectively.

The list found below also reveals that prices of the X1, X3, and X4 will all be increased by between $500 and as much as $1,500 for the X3 M and X4 M. Meanwhile, 3-Series prices are also set to jump. The model set to be hit with the highest jump is the 330e sDrive, now starting at $44,900 as opposed to $43,300, representing a spike of 3.7 per cent. Prices for the M3 Competition and M3 Competition xDrive will increase by $1,900 and $1,800 respectively.

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Elsewhere, 5-Series models will have their prices increased by an average of around 2.0 – 2.1 per cent with prices of the 530e, 530e xDrive, 530i, and 530i xDrive all increasing by $1,200. Prices of the 540i and 540i xDrive will both increase by $1,300, the BMW M550i xDrive will be $1,600 more expensive than before, and the M5 Competition will now start at $109,900, a $2,000 increase.

Rounding out the price changes are hikes to the i4, 740i, and 760i xDrive, the latter of which gets the highest increase of any BMW model at $2,800.

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