BMW To Preview The Neue Klasse With Concept At 2023 Munich Motor Show


CES is still months away, but that hasn’t stopped BMW Chairman Oliver Zipse from reiterating plans to introduce two different vehicles at the event.

Speaking during a conference call, Zipse said “In January 2023, we will take things to the next level, when we present a digital vision vehicle, at the CES, as well as our NEXTGen in Las Vegas.” He went on to describe the models as a “showcase [of] our digital expertise – both in our vehicles and as a company and partner for tech players around the world.”

Little is known about the vehicles at this point, but BMW has previously described the digital vision vehicle as a “vision for mobility in 2040.” The company has also billed it as a “metaverse experience, combining the physical vehicle and the digital future.”

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The NEXTGen concept is more mysterious, but the company has used “#NEXTGen” to refer to everything from the BMW iX, BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04, and MINI Vision Urbanaut. The hashtag has also been applied to announcements about autonomous driving technology as well as a 5-Series EV prototype – among other things.

Besides talking about their plans for CES, Zipse revealed the company will provide a glimpse of the Neue Klasse at IAA 2023. Formally known as the Frankfurt Motor Show, the event has been moved to Munich and rebranded as IAA Mobility (although virtually everyone calls it the Munich Motor Show). It kicks off on September 5th of 2023 and the concept will preview Neue Klass vehicles that will begin arriving in 2025.

Note: BMW 7-Series pictured


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