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BMW’s Trolling Us At The Tokyo Auto Salon With Its Biggest Grille Yet


In addition to the ultimate kidney grille, BMW will also show off a new model for the first time at the show

by Sebastien Bell

December 15, 2022 at 19:32

by Sebastien Bell

People love to complain about BMW‘s new giant kidney grilles almost as much as BMW loves doubling down on the design and making it bigger next time. First it was the 7 Series, then it was the M3/4, then the XM really started pushing the limits, and now the German automaker has taken it about as far as it can go.

BMW announced today that it will be creating a giant kidney grille the size of a wall for its display at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The automaker doesn’t actually say how tall the display will be but, based on this rendering, it looks like the wall is about three stacked M4s tall, which would make it about 14 feet (4.2 meters) tall. That’s quite the grille.

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It’s hard to argue that the kidney grille isn’t one of BMW’s defining characteristics, making this a pretty effective promotional tool for the company’s auto show exhibit. It also says that the wall will be a great place to take pictures, making it an effective Instagram trap for show visitors, too, which is rather clever.

During the show, the booth will contain some cars, which include the BMW M4 GT3 that won at Suzuka Circuit in the Autobacks Super GT 2022 Series GT3000 class, a BMW M3 Sedan Competition M xDrive (with a special wrap), a BMW M240i xDrive with M Performance parts, and a new model that will make its debut at the show.

In addition, BMW will show off a range of M performance parts and there will also be a stage at the booth where a talk show with special guests will take place. I can’t help but wonder what visitors will care more about, though: the wall or the cars?

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The Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 takes place from January 13 to 15 at the Japan Convention Center.


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