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Brand New But Water-Damaged Aston Martin Could Be Your Ticket To The Sports Car Lottery


A 2023 Aston Martin Vantage Roadster fresh off the showroom floor is being auctioned off by Copart after suffering water damage.

Given that the British sports car is currently located in Florida, it seems safe to assume that it was caught up in Hurricane Ian that battered the southeast United States in late September through to early October. A plethora of other expensive exotics have hit the auctions since the hurricane and this Aston Martin seems to be the latest.

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A look at the photos provided by Copart indicated that the water level reached roughly one-quarter of the way up the doors. While that may not sound too bad, it was likely enough for water to make its way into the cabin of the Vantage, inevitably soaking the carpets and potentially causing other damage.

However, not all hope appears to be lost for the Vantage. Images show that at least some of the electronics still work as the digital instrument cluster appears to be in perfect working order, revealing that the car had just 29.2 miles (46.6 km) under its belt at the time of the water damage.

The Copart listing fails to mention if any damage was done to the engine or transmission but it’s possible they avoided damage and remain in good running order. Of course, buying a flood-damaged vehicle from an online auction has its risks so prospective buyers should be ready and willing to spend a lot of money repairing the car if the damage is worse than it appears.


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