Brendan Gleeson wows American audiences hosting Saturday Night Live


Pic: Conor McCabe Photography

Brendan Gleeson has made his Saturday Night Live debut!

The show is one of the USA’s most popular comedy series, launching the careers of Andy Samberg, Will Farrell, Kristen Wiig, Pete Davidson, and many more. Each week a new celebrity hosts the show and performs sketches with the SNL comedians. With previous hosts including Kim Kardashian, Saoirse Ronan, Ariana Grande, Scarlett Johansson, and more. With Brendan now joining their ranks to much acclaim.

He performed several sketch on the night, playing a 67-year-old pretending to be a teenage, a news reporter, and an ancient warrior. Brendan was also joined by his close friend and frequent co-star, Colin Farrell, for the opening monologue.

Closing the show, Brendan thanked everyone involved, including Colin, his co-stars, and special musical guest Willow Smith.

Saying: “Thank you Willow, Colin Farrell, Lorne Michaels and all the producers, and all the cast, and Eli and the band, and all the people who made this week such a special week”.

“It’s one of the most beautiful bunches of people I’ve ever come across – and all in the middle of New York,”

“It’s been very special,”

The Paddington star received plenty of praise for his work as SNL host.


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