Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition Is An $84k Mini Type 35 With A $5m Asterisk


Marketing people call them upsells. They’re those annoying pop-ups that appear when you’re buying something online and the retailer tries to persuade you to add something else to the cart before you checkout. For Bugatti W16 Mistral buyers, the upsell isn’t a $40 multitool or $20 head torch, but a gorgeous pint-sized Bugatti Type 35 EV that will set them back a cool €80,000 ($84,430) and isn’t available to the wider public.

The stunning shrunken Bugatti classic is the latest version of the Little Car Company’s 75 percent scale Bugatti Baby II Type 35 range which starts at €36,000 ($38,000). But as its name suggests the Carbon Edition features some smart visible carbon details on the radiator and grille, the dashboard panel, interior panels, mirror mount, and on the center of the black wood steering wheel.

The regular Baby II models are available to anyone, but the Carbon Edition cars are reserved exclusively for the 99 lucky people who’ve secured an order for the W16 Mistral, the convertible Chiron-based hypercar that is sending Bugatti’s monster quad-turbo W16 motor off in style. That €84k price for the T35 is plus local taxes, by the way. But if you’ve already handed over $5 million for the Mistral, maybe $84k does feel like spending $20 on a head torch.

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Removing the spare wheel, spare wheel bracket and its stats gives the Carbon Edition a cleaner look than other Bugatti Baby models, as well as making the car slightly lighter. You also get unique LED headlamps said to somehow be a tribute to the Mistral’s, plus a custom engraved panel in the cabin showing the chassis number and model name.

The Little Car Company is only building 500 examples of the entire Baby II line, but it will have plenty to keep it busy when those cars are finished. The team also builds fully licensed versions of classic cars from Ferrari and Aston Martin, and with more brands waiting in the wings and a fully drivable Tamiya Wild One poised for launch in 2023 the company recently announced a Series B funding round to help it expand its operation.


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