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Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Is A Drift Beast


The C-shaped line on the profile of Bugatti models is one of its signature design elements distinguishing them from rival hypercars alongside the iconic horseshoe grille. The Molsheim brand took a sinister-looking Chiron Pur Sport in an open field and traced the letter C with tire marks, after a long drifting session.

The video starts with a four-wheel burnout as the Pur Sport tries to put its monstrous power on the ground. A few seconds later and while traveling at a high speed, the driver turns the wheels and goes full throttle for an impressive four-wheel-drifting maneuver. After the mesmerizing slow-motion footage, an aerial shot reveals the perfect C made of tire marks on the tarmac.

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The hypercar was driven by Sven Bohnhorst, a lead Bugatti development, and chassis engineer, who utilized his experience to create this expensive drawing. The stunt took place on a closed track free of any obstacles, looking ideal for safe power sliding.

After the drifting session, the driver said: “The controllability of the Chiron Pur Sport’s all-wheel drive is outstanding. You, the driver, decide, if you want to slip the rear axle to make the car turn or if you want to stabilize it with more slip at the front, solely by balancing it with the throttle. You can also have all four wheels spinning at once – just as you like it! This is what I call a car made for drivers.”

A drifting Bugatti is a sight to behold and a pretty costly one. The Pur Sport has no problem destroying its precious Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R tires that were created specifically for this model. As a reminder, the Pur Sport was unveiled in 2020 as the track-focused variant of the Chiron. The quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W16 engine produces 1,479 hp (1,103 kW / 1,500 PS) and 1,600 Nm (1,180 lb-ft) of torque – just like in the regular Chiron – but the chassis setup and aerodynamics have been tweaked for better handling, less weight, and more downforce.

Bugatti’s C line is present in numerous models dating back to the ’20s. In the Chiron, it has grown to become a quite prominent feature, enclosing the two-seater cabin from the A-Pillar all the way to the large side intakes. The trim strip used for the sideline measures 2.8 m (110.2 inches) long and is made of a unique aluminum alloy.

The “Drifting The C” video was shared as the production of the Chiron Pur Sport reached the halfway point, with 30 out of 60 examples having been delivered to their owners. The Molsheim plant will soon finish production of the Chiron range having already built 400 out of the 500 units as we are getting ready for the next chapter in Bugatti’s history.

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