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Bugatti Partners With Buben & Zorweg To Create Fancy Safes


Bugatti announced today that it has partnered with Buben & Zorweg to make a Limited Edition collection of safes.

“Buben & Zorweg shares our ethos of creating unique masterpieces,” said Wiebke Ståhl, Bugatti International’s managing director. “By working closely with their team for more than 18 months, we have developed a range of limited edition high-security safes that embody the spirit of both of our brands. Timeless design, ultimate craftsmanship and technology that pushes boundaries.”

Dubbed the Hyper Safe Collection, it features design details intended to make the safes look more like a Bugatti. They feature a C-Line, just like the one on the Chiron, and each safe has a “shark-tail” line that is intended to evoke the Type 57 Atlantic if you have very bad vision and are quite generous.

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The safe door has a high-strength steel core and a carbon fiber surface, the expensive material really having its lightweight qualities utilized extensively here. Stainless steel elements adorn the front of the unit, and the door handle requires 3,000 milling steps to complete.

The safes are available in three colors. The “Hyper Light” model combines Napa leather in Pearl Beige and Shadow Gray with stainless steel elements that have a matte finish. The door, meanwhile, is finished with Light Super Composite Fiber.

The “Hyper Dark” model, meanwhile, features Mocha Brown and Powder Gray leather, while the stainless steel elements get a Copper matte finish, and the safe door is clad with Dark High-Tech carbon fiber.

Finally, the “Hyper Track” model has a Track High-Tech carbon fiber finish on the door, the side and the top. They’re paired with Pace Blue leather and the stainless steel elements have an Onyx matte finish.

“In order to create this truly unique masterpiece collection with various world firsts in the high-security safe arena our expert teams worked tirelessly,” said Florian vom Bruch, CEO of Buben&Zorweg. “When you question the status quo and start with a single line on a white paper just with your vision in mind to create a class of its own, it is indeed a magical moment to finally see those masterpieces of engineering and craftsmanship made real.”

Just 25 of each model will be made, but prices have not been revealed.

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