Bugatti’s New Carbon Fiber Smartwatch Will Cost You $2,500


Bugatti has partnered once again with VIITA to develop the world’s first smartwatch whose housing is made entirely out of carbon fiber. The material has been used, the automaker says, to honor the exploits of its cars, which use the lightweight material extensively.

Indeed, the use of carbon fiber – Bugatti’s smartwatch partner, VIITA, carves the watch case out of a single block of the stuff – has allowed it to reduce the weight of the Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition, as it’s being called, by 13 percent, despite the fact that it now has a 22 percent larger, 540 mAh battery.

Although it now weighs less than the Bugatti Ceramique Edition One smartwatch, its battery can last up to 15 days in normal use, without the GPS services. In always-on mode, the battery lasts two to three days, according to the automaker.

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In addition, the watch comes packed with 1,000 intricately packaged components. That allows its GPS sensors to achieve such a high level of precision, that the watch can be used to track acceleration data, lap times, and more when the wearer is at a racetrack.

Dual sensors, meanwhile, measure heart rate and heart rate variability. That allows the watch to provide health report data to the wearer and offer feedback on cardio recovery, training recommendations, biological age, and stress levels. Waterproof up to 100 m (328 ft) or 10 atmospheres, the watch can be worn while swimming.

The Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition sports a 390×390 px AMOLED display with sapphire glass for the touchscreen and 16.7 million colors. It comes with a gray silicone/nylon strap, or a black silicon strap.

“At Bugatti the use of innovative technologies and materials is just as important as appearance, usability and reliability,” said Wiebke Ståhl, the managing director of Bugatti International. “The Carbone Limited Edition smartwatch incorporates it all, not just through its use of carbon fiber but also with regards to beauty, rarity and technology.”

Limited to just 2,500 examples, the smartwatch will be exclusive, just like Bugatti’s cars. It will also be expensive, like those cars, with a price of €2,590 ($2,548 USD at current exchange rates).

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