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Buick GL8 Gets A Ghastly Facelift, Proves True Beauty Is On The Inside

Buick is moving away from its iconic waterfall grille and it appears designers aren’t handling the change very well.

That’s clear after seeing the facelifted GL8 lineup, which looks like a BMW grille meme come to life. The result is ghastly as the model has been equipped with a massive “spread-wing sculpted grille” that would make Lexus blush.

Besides the new grille, the van has been equipped with an edgier front bumper that features sharper lines and vertical air curtains. They’re joined by a new chrome accent, which spans the width of the vehicle and then climbs up the sides.

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Buick didn’t release many details, but noted the luxurious GL8 Avenir doubles down on the grille as it features “exclusive double-layer chrome detailing.” The van also comes equipped with Matrix LED headlights and 18-inch aluminum wheels. However, the interior is far more noteworthy as it boasts “business class-level spaciousness and comfort” thanks to premium pile carpeting and fancy second-row seats that feature heating, ventilation and massage functions as well as a leg rest.

Elsewhere in the lineup, the GL8 ES gains three new variants to “better support family needs.” Buick didn’t go into specifics, but noted new features include Continental ContiSeal self-sealing tires. The van also has dual 12-inch displays, electric sliding doors, a power liftgate, a foldable table, and second-row seats that “enable easier entry and exit for elderly individuals and children.”

Customers can also opt for a GL8 Legacy, which is available in a Welfare Edition. The latter features electric swiveling seats that rotate and move outside the vehicle to aid in transporting disabled passengers.

Pricing ranges from ¥232,900 to ¥533,900 ($34,074 to $78,111) and most, if not all, versions appear to be powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine with 233 hp (174 kW / 237 PS) and 258 lb-ft (350 Nm) of torque.

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