Can One Person Have Multiple UPI IDs For The Same Account?


The short answer is, “Yes”. A person can have multiple UPI Ids for the same account. Let’s see how that is possible. For example, if you have an account with Kotak Bank, you can generate a UPI ID on the Kotak 811 app. And the UPI ID here will end with “@kotak”.

Meanwhile, if you go to create a UPI id for the same bank account on a different platform such as payment apps like Google Pay or PayTM, then your UPI ID will have a different ending. In the case of Google Pay, the most used UPI IDs are “@oksbi”, “@okhdfcbank”, “@okaxis” and “@okicici”.

So, even if you have an account in Kotak Bank, when you link it with your Google Pay account, your UPI ID might end in “@okhdfc”. Hence, it can be concluded that you can have multiple UPI IDs for the same account.

Now, if you’re wondering whether you can have multiple UPI IDs for the same mobile number, the answer is that you can! In fact, if your bank account and your other payment apps are both working on the same mobile number, then definitely you can have multiple UPI IDs on that number.

Even in a different scenario, where you have multiple bank accounts in different banks, you can still have different UPI IDs linked to your single mobile number. This is possible if the same mobile number was used while opening a bank account in all of the banks.

Moreover, if you have multiple accounts linked to a single number, you automatically have multiple UPI IDs linked to a single number. For example, if you have an SBI and a Kotak account linked to the same number, the UPI IDs from both banks will be linked to the same number.


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