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Can Someone Please Convince Buick To Build This Super-Sleek Sports Sedan?


Buick is embarking on an exciting new era with an edgier and more aggressive design language and were the company to launch a luxurious new sedan, it could look a little something like this.

This sketch was recently shared to the General Motors Design page on Instagram and created by Aaron Riggs, a lead exterior designer at General Motors. While it doesn’t show a vehicle that Buick actually plans to bring to the market, it does continue a recent run of gorgeous designs from the carmaker.

Similarities to the Wildcat EV shown to the world at the Detroit Motor Show in September are immediately apparent. The fascia of this sedan has a similar overall shape to that of the Wildcat while the silver design cues on the edges of the sedan are almost identical. The headlights are quite a bit different but to us, look even better than the Wildcat’s lights.

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Buick Wildcat EV Concept

In sketching out the car, Riggs has given it a long hood as well as very thin A-, B-, and C-pillars, opening up the cockpit and allowing for plenty of glass to be installed. Like many concepts, traditional wing mirrors and door handles are nowhere to be found, further adding to the very smooth and sleek design. A large set of silver wheels are also visible as is a particularly voluptuous rear wheel arch and quarter panel.

Unfortunately, Buick will not bring a vehicle like this to the market. While the Wildcat takes the form of a fastback coupe and was conceived to establish the brand’s future design language, Buick only intends to produce SUVs while fully electrifying its line-up by the end of the decade.


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