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Can You Believe That Lynk & Co Has Already Built 800,000 Vehicles?

It’s been almost exactly 6 years since Geely and Volvo joined forces to launch the Lynk & Co brand and on November 19, the carmaker’s 800,000th rolled off the production line.

While Lynk & Co remains a relatively small player in the automotive industry and only sells its vehicles in select markets, it has done enough in recent years to introduce a plethora of enticing models that manage to appeal to certain buyers despite an extraordinary amount of competition.

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Lynk & Co first launched onto the scene with its Volvo-based 01 compact SUV. As the brand has evolved, its model range has expanded to include the 02 hatchback and compact crossover, 03 sedan, 05 compact Coupe SUV, 06 subcompact SUV, 07 compact 7-seat SUV, and the new 09, a mid-size SUV that just so happened to be the 800,000th vehicle to roll off the brand’s Chinese production line.

The company sold 123,500 vehicles during the first nine months of this year and while it already has a burgeoning range, it is planning to add a few more new models. Indeed, it expects EVs to make up 60 percent of its line-up by 2024 and will fully electrify its family of models by 2025.

Lynk & Co’s sales strategy also distinguishes it from some of its competitors. In addition to selling vehicles directly to consumers, it also offers subscriptions. This subscription program has proven to be particularly popular in Europe where 90 to 95 percent of all 01 SUVs have active subscriptions while the remaining ones were purchased outright.

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