Canada’s Project Arrow EV To Be Previewed On October 19


Project Arrow, the electric vehicle being developed and manufactured by Canada’s Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association, will be showcased during its annual conference on October 19.

The vehicle has been conceived as all-electric and complete with an advanced autonomous driving system and will demonstrate the capabilities of Canada’s automotive suppliers, of which more than 400 have expressed interest in the project. It will be showcased to the public at CES in January 2023.

Speaking with Auto News, Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association president Flavio Volpe noted that the vehicle may not be fully unveiled on October 19 and that currently, it is little more than a chassis and a body. However, APMA is eager to show the progress it has made on the project.

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“We think there’s a lot of interest in seeing its progress,” Volpe said. “And, we can also demonstrate it is what we said it was. It’s not a clay model or science experiment. It really is put together without shortcuts. It will be in an advanced stage of assembly. It won’t be a walk around. We’re going to be a bit guarded. You’re going to get to see it from a respectful distance.”

The Canadian government is investing $3.9 million in the project. It features an advanced 3D-printed polymer chassis and the engineering phase of the project is due to wrap up in December 2022.

“The vehicle is not meant for production. So, unlike an OEM program launch, we’re not trying to hide it,” Volpe added. “We remain on budget and on schedule, but we’re also not naive. We have contingencies on contingencies. But I’m confident we’re going to get there. We’ve had a confident anxiety for two years now.”


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