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Carmakers Tipped To Build 4.4 Million Fewer Vehicles This Year Over Chip Shortages


While some had predicted that the semiconductor shortage would have been resolved by now, production figures from North America reveal that this is not the case.

Data from AutoForecast Solutions reveals that car factories throughout North America cut some 79,000 vehicles from their production plans this week because of the microchip shortage. This continues the trend from the rest of the year where a growing number of vehicles are not hitting production lines as planned.

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AutoForecast Solutions says that chip shortages will have knocked some 4.4 million vehicles out of global production plans by the end of this year. No less than 4 million fewer vehicles have already been produced this year than planned, meaning production numbers will remain constrained in the final six weeks of the year.

Approximately 1,475,600 fewer vehicles have been produced in North America so far this year than originally planned. This figure is expected to top out at 1,536,600 by the end of the year. In Europe, production has already been slashed by 1,381,200 units year-to-date and will hit 1,549,800 before 2022 comes to a close. In Asia (excluding China), 764,600 fewer vehicles have been built and that figure is expected to grow to 848,700.

In South America, some 216,200 fewer vehicles have been produced but this will remain relatively stable throughout the rest of the year, topping out at 216,800 units. Interestingly, Chinese factories haven’t dealt with as many issues as overseas markets with production falling by 172,900 units year-to-date and said to reach a total of 221,300 units. Production in the Middle East and Africa has fallen 44,700 units behind plans and will hit 49,500 units by the end of the year.


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