Carvana Can Once Again Start Selling In Illinois After Losing License For The Second Time


Carvana will be able to resume selling vehicles in Illinois shortly after its license was suspended for the second time in as many months.

In late July, the Illinois Secretary of State office announced that it would suspend Carvana’s dealer license because the company was not correctly transferring vehicle titles within 20 days of sale. It was also found to be improperly issuing temporary registrations.

Carvana was eager to fight this ruling and promptly filed a motion for a temporary restraining order and injunctive relief against Secretary of State Jesse White. This restraining order has been granted by Judge Bonnie Wheaton of the 18th Judicial Circuit Court in DuPage County and will allow the company to resume sales.

Wheaton’s order revealed that the Illinois Secretary of State is now forbidden from “suspending or revoking” Carvana’s certificates of authority and dealer plates.

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“We sincerely appreciate the support from our Illinois customers and are excited to continue to serve them while we continue working with (Illinois SOS) to resolve its concerns and hopefully improve the title and registration system itself for the benefit of everyone in Illinois who purchases a car,” Carvana said in a statement.

Illinois Secretary of State spokesperson Dave Druker said that while Carvana will again be able conduct business in Illinois, it can only do so under strict guidelines.

“Due to the judge’s decision in the circuit court in DuPage County to grant Carvana’s request for a temporary restraining order, the Secretary of State’s order has been reinstated, allowing Carvana to conduct business in Illinois under strict guidelines,” Druker said. “During the reinstituted stay, Carvana is allowed to sell vehicles to Illinoisans, but Carvana cannot issue temporary registration permits or license plates during this stay order.”

Auto News notes that, according to court records, the next action in the case will take place on August 30.


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