Cashier Training: A Guide For Retail


Frequently Asked Questions About Cashier Training 

What skills should a cashier have?

Having basic people skills and polite customer service training is a must for retail cashiers. Experience working in fast paced environments is also a plus. While modern POS systems will do most of the work at the register, the ability to do basic math is also a huge plus. 

What does a cashier need to know?

A cashier must know how to use every necessary feature of your point of sale system to be able to smoothly process all types of transactions. In addition, they must be trained to have a firm understanding of how your store operates. This includes a sufficient knowledge of store layout, discounts,  company philosophy, and business policies.

What kind of training does a cashier need?

First, having a standardized training manual for your cashiers is essential. This way all of the information that your employees need regarding operating procedures will be clearly spelled out. You will also need to go through practice demonstrations on using the POS software, keeping a cash drawer, and more. Having a seasoned cashier shadow your new hires is a great way to eliminate any fuzzy areas where that could present hiccups during business hours.

How can a cashier avoid mistakes?

Having a friendly attitude and working towards honestly helping customers will take cashiers a long way. Additionally, being super careful counting money, and following steps to avoid fraud will ensure that your cash reconciliation will add up. Finally, being honest if you happen to run into snag will ensure that your problems are remedied without issue. 


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