Charlie Bird gives an update on his health and mindset at the moment


Credit: The Late Late Show

Charlie Bird offered fans an update on his health and mindset, during last night’s The Late Late Show.

Chatting to host Ryan Tubridy, the journalist explained how he was happy to still have good mobility, but more and more tasks were becoming a challenge.

Saying: “If I am really lucky, I may survive another year. I can still walk and when people see me out walking, they tell me I am looking great.”

“But the horrible truth of my MND with my voice now fully gone, my swallow has deteriorated and every time I sit down to eat, it is now a challenge to get through the meal without a coughing fit.”

Credit: The Late Late Show

The Dubliner also opened up about coming to terms with his condition, saying he has accepted it.

Explaining: “The truth is, I have finally come to terms with my illness. In my head, I have come to terms fully with my situation. I understand there is no silver bullet and I have just got to get on with my life. In other words, I fully understand what is ahead of me. ”

Charlie also opened up about how his friendships with others sharing similar experiences, has helped him. Particularly praising his close friend, Vicky Phelan

Saying: “I have come to terms with my MND, and I completely realise I am not the only person in this situation.”

“There are lots of people that are also with terminal illnesses. My thoughts are always with Vicky Phelan, she is the most courageous person and look what she has done for the women of Ireland. So, I look up to her and her spirit to continue battling away in the situation she has been in for much longer than me.”

Credit: The Late Late Show

Charlie was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, in 2021.

Sharing the new in October of last year, he received much support since. Announcing the news on Twitter he wrote; “Recently I spoke about issues with my voice. I now know why. I have been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.”

“Thanks to all my pals for their amazing support. And the kindness from so many people. Stay safe everyone.”


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