Chevrolet Equinox EV Surfaces Online With Two-Tone Blue And White Paint


A new image of the production-ready Chevrolet Equinox EV has surfaced online thanks to the carmaker’s official website.

Chevrolet has previewed and teased the Equinox EV on a number of occasions in recent months but this is our first time seeing it in its completed form and bathed in a striking two-tone combination of blue and white.

This particular image was shared under the ‘Upcoming Vehicles’ section of Chevrolet’s website. As noted by Car and Driver, the Equinox EV pictured has the same exterior finish as the one featured in a CGI clip that Chevy shared back in March.

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It’s hard to deny that the forthcoming Equinox EV is quite a striking SUV. Found up front is a pronounced LED light bar that stretches the width of the fascia and while not visible in this side profile shot, the main headlamps will be located directly below and hidden by tinted trim.

The side profile is fairly typical for a sporty crossover of this kind and has black rocker panels which, working in combination with the black lower front bumper and black rear bumper, help to slimline the Equinox EV’s figure. The sharp and thick C-pillars are also quite the head-turner. As for the rear of the SUV, it will rock a pronounced LED light bar, sharp LED taillights, a roof-top spoiler, and sport a number of aggressive character lines.

Chevrolet has also previewed the interior of the Equinox EV in the past. It will include a flat-bottom steering wheel, a fully-digital instrument cluster, a large infotainment screen, circular air vents, and a subtle gear selector.

Technical specifications about the Equinox EV remain unclear, although we know it shares its platform with the Blazer EV and will be slightly cheaper.

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