Chevy Colorado Hits BMW 3-Series, Smashes Into Parked Car At Milwaukee Roundabout


In many countries around the world, roundabouts are a normal part of driving. However, for many motorists in the United States, they are a source of confusion and that appears to be exactly why this crash occurred.

This incident was filmed at the infamous Milwaukee roundabout, located in the Walter’s Point area of the city, and the scene of various other crashes since its construction a couple of years ago.

In this particular instance, we can see a white BMW 3-Series approaching the roundabout with a blue Chevrolet Colorado to the left of it. A look at the roundabout from Google Maps reveals that the lane occupied by the 3-Series was a right turning lane, meaning the driver needed to exit the roundabout. However, they attempted to drive through the roundabout and to the left.

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At the same time, the driver of the Colorado is sitting in a lane where they should continue to drive straight. However, the driver wanted to make a right turn and at the same time the BMW starts driving straight, the Chevy turns right and slams into the side of the German sedan.

The force of this impact sends the BMW into a curb where the driver hits the brakes and brings it to a stop. Meanwhile, the driver of the Chevy proceeds to jump over the curb, smashes down a traffic sign, hops over a grass embankment and slams head-on into a parked vehicle nearby.

It isn’t known if anyone was injured in the crash but immediately after impact, the driver and passenger of the BMW can be seen jumping out of the sedan and lifting out a small child from the rear seats.



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