Chinese Driver Miraculously Survives After Slamming Into Toll Booth And Flying Into The Air


The driver of a sedan in China has been lucky to survive a terrifying crash after slamming into a toll booth divider in China that sent the vehicle flying into the air before crashing down.

The incident happened on November 24 at approximately 8:20 p.m. and was captured on CCTV. The shocking footage shows the sedan quickly approaching the Shihe Toll Station on the Shengyang-Dalian Expressway running between the cities of Shenyang and Dilian, the two largest cities in China’s Liaoning province.

For whatever reason, the driver approached the toll station with far too much speed and rather than driving into one of the lanes, instead slammed directly into a concrete divider. The rounded shape of the divider acted as the perfect ramp, sending the car skyward and at least 20-feet into the air. After catching some serious hang time, the car slams back to the pavement, landing directly on its roof.

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Local media reports that fire crews arrived on the scene at 8:39 p.m. and found that the driver had survived the crash.

While the car landed on its roof, fire crews from the Sansanlibao Rescue Station were able to easily pull the man from the wreckage. It is unclear how serious the injuries that he sustained were but managing to survive a crash like this is quite the miracle.

It’s hard to know if the toll booth dividers were intentionally designed to act as a ramp like this but we suspect it may have been a design oversight. Either way, the shape of them may have helped the driver as if they were solid concrete blocks, the head-on collision could have been even worse.


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