Citroen And Polestar Reportedly Settle Logo Dispute That Resulted In French Sales Ban


Polestar’s quest for world domination hit a roadblock in 2020, when a French court ruled the company’s logo infringed on Citroen’s double chevron.

While the two logos are completely different, both feature two chevrons and this was enough to start a lengthy legal battle between the companies. Polestar was the big loser as sales were banned in France and French visitors to the Polestar website were greeted by a message saying “Access to the Polestar site is not accessible to the French public due to territorial restrictions on the use of French trademarks n ° 016898173 and n ° 01689532.”

However, this appears to be water under the bridge as Le Monde reported the two companies have ended their dispute. There’s no explanation for the change, but a Citroën spokesperson told the publication “The complaints have been withdrawn. The case is closed.”

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It remains unclear if Polestar paid to make the issue go away, but Automotive News Europe noted it’s a surprising development considering Citroen “petitioned a European court to expand [the French ruling] across the EU” earlier this year. It’s possible that could have pushed Polestar to settle, but it’s possible that details of the agreement will remain a secret.

That being said, with the battle now over, it’s possible that Polestar may enter the French market. That remains to be seen, but France has embraced electric vehicles as Reuters noted “sales of fully electric and hybrid models accounted for nearly 40% of new car sales, versus 38.3% for conventional petrol models” during the first quarter of 2022.


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