Citroen My Ami Tonic Is “A Toy For Grown-Ups Aged 14 To 77”


Inspired by the commercial success of the sold-out limited-production My Ami Buggy, Citroen unveiled a new special edition of its tiny EV, called the My Ami Tonic. The new flagship trim level of the heavy quadricycle’s range is distinguished by a unique livery and extra styling bits aimed at “energizing” looks.

Starting with the exterior, Citroen designers chose a combination of khaki and lemon yellow shades for the Tonic’s sticker set. The dark headlight bezel, the plastic cladding on the wheelarches, the rugged front and rear skidplates and the side sill extensions are shared with the My Ami Buggy, by the My Ami Tonic is less radical since it is coming with proper doors (symmetrical like all other Ami models).

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If you were wondering, the GPS coordinates on the window sticker represent the location of Stellantis’ ADN (Automotive Design Network), which is based in Vélizy, France. Another Easter Egg is the + on the driver’s door and the – on the passenger’s door symbolizing the poles of a battery.

The visuals are wrapped up by the – mostly decorative – roof rails and the khaki accents on the five-hole wheels. Standard equipment includes a smartphone clamp, plus plenty of storage bins, nets, and hooks. Most of the aforementioned accessories are already available for the My Ami as part of the personalization options offered by Citroen.

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Mathieu Wandon, Head of Graphic Design at Citroen, described the My Ami Tonic as “a toy for grown-ups aged 14 to 77”. The special edition is positioned at the top of the My Ami range and replaces the outgoing Khaki and Vibe variants. Nothing changes on the technical side, with the standard 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery offering 43 miles (70 km) of range, and an 8 hp (6 kW / 8 PS) electric motor moving the front wheels.

The Citroen My Ami Tonic will be available in select markets, including France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, the UK, Greece, Morocco, and Turkey. In France, pricing starts from €8,990 ($8,916). Citroen is also offering long-term leasing options, with a deposit of €3,757 ($3,727) and a monthly payment of €34.99 ($34.71) for 48 months.


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