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Classic Chevrolet Chevelle Crashes Into Minivan On Florida Highway


A Chevrolet Chevelle driving down a Florida highway has provided us with yet another example of why showing off on public roads is always dangerous, as the muscle car loses control and crashes into a minivan two lanes over.

Video of the incident was shot on a smartphone from the passenger seat of a vehicle in the middle lane of a highway in Jacksonville, Florida, on J Turner Boulevard, traveling east. From the windshield on the camera car, it appears that the vehicles are driving through light rain.

As the vehicles all drive down the highway, the Chevelle, which is identified as a 1969 model in the video, though it’s hard to tell because of the video’s quality, can be seen driving past the camera car in the fast lane.

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The camera pans to take in the scenery and, as it refocuses on the Chevrolet, the sound of the muscle car accelerating can be heard. It then loses control, turning 90 degrees to the direction of travel, and spearing off towards the right side of the road.

On its way off the road, the Chevelle crashes into a Toyota Sienna traveling in the slow lane. The two cars go off the road and onto the grassy ditch, where the minivan slides sideways, catches on dirt, and rolls one-and-three-quarter times, coming to a rest on its passenger side doors.

Unfortunately, little more information about the accident and its consequences is known at this time. Although the initial contact between the vehicles doesn’t appear to have been catastrophic, the rolling may have been significantly more dangerous for the occupants of the minivan.

It’s hard to say for sure what caused the accident—whether it was the rain, an overcorrection, a driver suddenly running out of talent, or some combination of all those and more—the result, though, is an unfortunate reminder that when control is lost, it disappears quickly, and the consequences can be dire for more than just those who were showing off.


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