Cobie donates $100K to aid content creator’s legal defense in defamation lawsuit filed by BitBoy


In response to Erling “Atozy” Mengshoel’s crowdfunding appeal, crypto trader Cobie donated $100,000 to support his defense against a lawsuit Ben “Bitboy” Armstrong filed.

Cobie had promised to send Atozy the amount after he publicly requested crowdfunding support to defend himself against Bitboy. 

Atozy confirmed that the donation had arrived in his wallet shortly after.

Bitboy vs. Atozy

On Aug. 12, Ben Armstrong (Bitboy) filed a lawsuit against fellow Youtuber Erling Mengshoel (Atozy) for allegedly defaming his name in the video “This Youtuber Scams His Fans… BitBoy Crypto”

On Nov. 9, 2021, Atozy called out Bitboy for promoting the PAMP token, which is currently worth $0, after reaching a high of $2.15 on Aug. 10, 2021, following Bitboy’s influence.

Atozy cited a CNBC report where Bitboy stated that he “could easily make more than $100,000 per month in promotions alone” to support his claim.

Bitboy is seeking compensation of up to $75,000 for defaming his name and calling him “a dirtbag influencer.”


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