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Corvette Said To Launch As A Sub-Brand In 2025 With SUV And Four-Door Coupe


According to an unnamed source within GM who spoke to Car and Driver, Chevrolet is already deep into the process of creating a Corvette sub-brand. Allegedly, it will see the development of a four-door Vette and yes, a crossover with a Corvette badge come about too. Here’s everything we know about the latest Corvette spin-off rumors.

Car and Driver reports that it has a source deep inside the GM Tech Center and evidently, that leaker is dropping major details about the future of Corvette. They say that the first proposals surrounding a Corvette sub-brand are “copies of nothing” and “encapsulated emotional purity.”

That certainly sounds like the kind of thing we’d expect from someone on the inside at a car company. At the same time, we should say up front that we haven’t been able to confirm this report. For all we know, C&D is being led on or perhaps GM intentionally leaked this to measure reactions.

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Nevertheless, its source goes on to say that “The aim is not to beat Taycan and Cayenne at their own game but to create three American legends capable of breaking new ground by making the essence of Corvette scalable. To do so, that essence must at all times be in a state of progressive flux.” That flexible nature of the brand is key to their thinking it seems.

“Corvette is not just a brand. It’s a constantly evolving system paired with a dramatically different user experience,” they say. That evolving system will evidently feature a four-door ‘lift-back’ style vehicle and a sporty high-performance crossover. According to the magazine, Chevrolet is well into the development stage.

It says that “the mechanical package apparently includes battery packs with high energy density, superfast software, a patented cooling concept, staggered Lego-like topographic packaging, miniaturized componentry, ultra-efficient inverters, high-revving electric motors, an 800-volt electrical system that provides up to 350 kW of charging power, a two-speed transmission, brake-by-wire, multi-mode four-wheel steering, and torque vectoring.” We do know a few things about the future of Corvette for sure though.

A hybrid AWD variant is in the works as is an all-electric version. And rumors suggest that in the not-too-distant future that we’ll see power figures of both 850 hp (633 kW) and 1,000 hp (745 kW) under the skin of Corvette models.

Rumors about a four-door Corvette and an SUV with a Corvette badge have been running around for some time. That’s certainly no confirmation of the news but Chevrolet might have an easier time selling it to the public if we’re all slowly getting more and more used to the idea that it’s happening, even if that process begins before a formal announcement.

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