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Could Feeding our Future fraud have been stopped faster by Ellison or Walz?


The Star Tribune’s Jeffrey Meitrodt and Ryan Faircloth look into a question that’s become a hot-button political issue in the final weeks before the election: Could state officials, like AG Keith Ellison and Gov. Tim Walz have stepped in sooner to stop fraud by Feeding our Future?

MPR’s Matt Sepic talked to the North High community in Minneapolis about the need for a gun violence solution.

The Pioneer Press’ Fred Melo reports plans are afoot to renovate the historic Victoria Theater on University Avenue in St. Paul.

The Strib’s Jessie Van Berkel has a fun piece on how Minnesota voice actors are cashing in on campaign ad season. It even gets into how one voice actor preps to deliver negative attack ad voiceovers: “He gets in the zone with a sneer, turning down the corners of his mouth. Then he spits out the words “like you’re eating the worst thing that you didn’t order at a restaurant.”

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Vanity Fair named Prince’s “Purple Rain” one of the 30 best movies of the ’80s: “The key to appreciating Purple Rain beyond its obvious surface pleasures is to take it in as a spin on a 1930s musical. Think of it set in an old time vaudeville theater, and the story of Minneapolis’s First Avenue concert venue with its house bands that practically live there starts to make more sense. But, hey, no one has really loved this movie for its story (or, let’s face it, its acting.) It’s Prince’s score, and the outstanding performances by The Revolution (and Morris Day and the Time) that have cemented this as an 80s musical classic.”

MPR’s Dan Gunderson reports a write-in candidate is shaking things up in Otter Tail County’s Senate District 9 race.

Let’s go girls: Bring Me the News’ Joe Nelson reports that country superstar Shania Twain is bringing her tour to the Twin Cities next year.


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