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Couple Unknowingly Rent RV To “Qanon Queen Of Canada,” Get It Back Trashed


A couple from Manitoba that occasionally rents out its RV to holidayers found themselves embroiled in a countrywide controversy, after they rented out their vehicle to Romana Didulo, the so-called “Qanon Queen of Canada.”

The couple, Vicki and Mike LeBlanc, say they’ve never had a problem renting out their RV in the past, so when a woman named “Mary” reached out over Facebook to rent the vehicle, they weren’t too worried. It wasn’t until she showed up to take the vehicle that they realized something was afoot.

The couple told Vice that they were prepping their vehicle for the renter when another RV showed up with a large photo of a woman on its side. It had the caption “Romana Didulo, Queen of Canada,” under her portrait.

“Honestly, if we knew who we were renting to,” said Vicki, “we would never have done it.”

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Didulo, or “Queen Romana,” is an odd figure. An unemployed woman who is believed to be in her 60s, she came to prominence after Q, the central figure in the Qanon conspiracy, disappeared in 2020. She called herself the true Queen of Canada and claims to be running a secretive war on behalf of Canadians against a cabal of sinister elites.

More to the point, she convinced a number of her devotees to follow her on a cross-country drive in late January that has not stopped even today. For many weeks, one of the RVs in her convoy was the one she rented from the LeBlancs.

After learning who they were renting their RV to, they started following her progress. Things didn’t seem too bad until a payment dispute emerged in October, after the tires had to be replaced. Angry with the LeBlancs, Didulo posted the family’s phone numbers and contact information to her followers in order to intimidate them.

After that, Didulo and her followers cut off all communications, so the LeBlancs threatened to report the vehicle as stolen. They claim, though, that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were no help.

Fortunately, in early November, they got a text from someone representing Didulo informing them that their RV had been dropped off at a gas station 120 miles (200 km) away from their home. The couple drove out to pick up their vehicle, but things only got worse from there.

Firstly, Didulo’s team never told them where the keys to the RV were (it turned out they had been taped under it). Fortunately, they brought a spare key, but once inside, they realized that their vehicle had been trashed. Hardware was broken, and the vehicle was a pigsty.

“They just left it in a mess. They didn’t bother to clean out their food or the garbage or some of their supplies,” Leblanc said. “Inside there was like food everywhere. I think there was a sleeping bag they left behind. They left their sardines, naturally.”

As they drove the vehicle home, they realized that the suspension was damaged, too, since the vehicle was leaning heavily to one side. All in, the LeBlancs figure that there are thousands of dollars in damage to their RV, not to mention the extra money that Queen Romana owes them for mileage overages. Sadly, at this point, the LeBlancs don’t really know what they can do about it.

“I don’t even know at the end of the day if it’s worth pursuing. Like legal action through small claims court or if it’s better just to cut our losses and stop wasting our time,” said LeBlanc. “I see on the weekend, she raised thousands to pay for her RV that she is riding in. Maybe she could share the wealth and pay for some of the damages for everybody else’s RV.”


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