Customer Story: Downtown Books in Dothan, Alabama


What Is Downtown Books?

Downtown Books opened in the fall of 2021 by Troy and Stacey Fountain. Their motto is “find your story,” and they don’t just mean inside the pages of their inventory. The independent shop is centrally located in the business district of Dothan, Alabama, a meeting place for the community where all walks of life can take time out of their busy schedules to stop to connect and have conversations. They are proud to be part of the revitalization of this small downtown area about 200 miles south of Atlanta.

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Why Did They Need a POS System?

The store has seen its sales increase month by month, and its inventory is constantly getting replenished. They have hundreds of different titles, editions, and releases. In order to properly manage such a breadth of inventory, they required a powerful inventory management system that can handle all of these different prices and SKU numbers. 

Downtown Books also hired many younger, first-time cashiers. They needed a POS system that could process purchases quickly with fast interface training and streamlined sales and returns. 

KORONA POS proved to be a great match with both its powerful inventory management and reporting as well as its smart and clean user interface. 

How Has KORONA POS Helped Them Run Their Business?

So far, Troy couldn’t be much happier. KORONA POS made it seamless to get their young bookstore off the ground. And not only did it power their small business from day one, but Troy continues to use the software to gain more insight into their sales, optimize their ordering, and streamline their day-to-day operations.

Inventory Management

Because of the variety of not only authors and titles but also editions of books, keeping up with inventory seemed to be a daunting task. Troy explains that his bookstore adds an average of fifty new products a week. Yet, he’s found that KORONA POS has been up to the challenge.

A simple scan will quickly ring up any book in your stock. And with built-in ABC analysis, you know more about which titles are performing best and which have gotten a bit dusty from sitting on the bookshelf for too long.

Employee Training And Tracking

With KORONA POS, you can get your employees trained and ready within minutes. No need for lengthy training periods. Instead, the software has allowed his team to get more acclimated with his book catalog so that they can better sell and recommend books. In addition, built-in employee management tools have helped him review performance for specific employees, schedule accordingly, and train strategically.

Cloud-Based Access 

With web-based backend access, bookstore owners like Troy can track their store’s performance from anywhere. Therefore, if Troy is traveling to a business conference, or simply home for lunch, he can easily monitor the store’s activity by signing into the KORONA POS application. 

Our cloud-based model means exponentially easier and more efficient expansion if the Fountain’s decide to open additional locations in the future.

Customer Service and Value

Finally, it was the customer service and pricing that made Troy choose KORONA POS over Lightspeed and others. As he mentioned several times, we’re always here to answer your call whenever you have any questions or need immediate troubleshooting assistance. You can even call us now at 833.200.0213 to see how fast we answer our phones.


In the end, Troy, like so many others, is impressed by the value of both our software and our service. With some of the most competitive pricing on the market, KORONA POS brings its users a powerful business solution alongside the help and support that takes some of the stress and frustrations away from running a small business.

Check out some other customer reviews, too. And learn why so many businesses are switched to KORONA POS by signing up for a free product demo. We’ll show you how we can help. Click below or give us a call. 


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