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Czech Police Are Patrolling The Streets In A Ferrari 458 Italia That They Seized

Quite often, car manufacturers will reach agreements with police departments to supply high-performance cruisers. These police cars are often used solely for promotional and display purposes but in the Czech Republic, their latest patrol car is a little different.

Authorities in the country recently came into possession of a Ferrari 458 Italia not through a partnership with the car manufacturer but after seizing it. We haven’t been able to find any information that explains why the 458 was seized from its former owner but local authorities quickly decided it would be wise to make use of the car.

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A number of alterations were made to the 458 Italia to get it ready for police duties. It was resprayed in a simple shade of silver and has then been adorned with all of the necessary police branding, including bright yellow and blue accents. It was also equipped with a new camera system, a police radio, and a radar gun. All up, police spent about CZK 340,000 (~$14,000) getting the 458 Italia ready for its official duties. They also had to spend CZK 130,000 (~$5,400) on making sure the car runs smoothly, as it had been stored for 10 years when it was seized and driven just ~2,000 km (1,242 miles) since it was new.

Czech police say they will use the 458 Italia to target illegal street racers in the country. It will also be used by the Special Surveillance Department in the search for stolen vehicles, perform a number of highway patrolling duties, and to monitor “tuning duties.”

Authorities state that the Ferrari is one of almost 900 vehicles that it has seized in the past year, noting that the 458 isn’t “even the most valuable or rarest vehicle” of them all. The vast majority of the cars seized by police are sold and the proceeds are used to cover the damage caused by the offender. A handful of them are used by the police.


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