Czinger 21C V Max, Porsche 906 Racecar Tribute, And Shelby GT500 Code Red: Your Morning Brief


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Ford Cutting Around 3,000 Jobs Most Of Which Are In The USA

Ford has announced over 3,000 layoffs in an effort to streamline production and cut costs. The majority of the jobs lost will be white-collar salaried positions in the USA, while Canada and India will also see redundancies. A spokesperson for the brand clarified that this latest round of job cuts is not in response to fears of a recession and are instead “about positioning the company for success.”

Czinger Reveals 21C V Max Optimized For Maximum Acceleration And Top Speed And Czinger’s Second Production Model Is A Four-Seater Dubbed The Hyper GT

The Czinger 21C V Max is a long-tailed version of the original that aims to go for even higher top speeds than its corner-focused sibling. In doing so, the V Max has a smoother and smaller carbon fiber front splitter, modified skirts and rocker panels, altered surfacing on the bodywork, and a set of carbon fiber wheel covers. Czinger says the car can hit 60 mph (96 km/h) in less than 1.9 seconds, sprint down the quarter-mile in 8.1 seconds, and should do the 0-250-0 mph (0-402-0 km/h) run in roughly 27 seconds. Meanwhile, the Hyper GT is a sleek, V8-hybrid-powered four-seater that will form part of a six-car range that Czinger plans to introduce in the next seven years.

This One-Off Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Is A Tribute To The 906 Racecar

Porsche’s Exclusive Manufaktur department has designed this special 718 Cayman GT4, in tribute to the 906 racecar from the ’60s. While this car, which was revealed in Japan, is not for sale, customers can replicate the spec if they wish. In addition to the striking livery, the Cayman GT4 gets 906 logos, black leather and Alcantara upholstery, while the outline of the Fuji Speedway — where the original 906 won the 1967 Japanese Grand Prix — is embodied into the headrests and features on the illuminated sill plates.

Tesla Owner Takes Beta Testing To A Whole New Level By Implanting Key Chip In Hand

Could this be the sci-fi future we’ve feared/hoped for (delete as applicable)? One individual has become part of a small group of beta testers that has had a chip implanted in his right hand. The device will, among other things, allow him to unlock and start his Tesla. The chip isn’t tied to his Tesla permanently, meaning if he were to change cars, he could theoretically update the stored key data. But is it something you’d see yourself doing in the future?

Gunther Werks Project Tornado Is A Carbon-Bodied Porsche 993 Turbo Restomod With Up To 700 HP

The latest from Gunther Werks is this, a “heavily remastered” 993 Turbo restomod, dubbed “project Tornado.” The Porsche-based creation has an ultra-wide carbon fiber body, a bespoke interior, a twin-turbo 4.0-liter flat-six engine built by Rothsport Racing with up to 700 hp (522 kW / 710 PS), and a six-speed manual gearbox. According to a report by Autocar, only 25 Project Tornados will be made, while pricing could be close to seven digits.

1,300 HP Shelby GT500 “Code Red” Promises Code Brown Performance

Shelby American’s new “Code Red” GT500 conversion package offers up an insane 1,300 hp (1,318 PS) and 1,000 lb-ft (1,356 Nm) on E85 Ethanol (or over 1,000 hp (1,014 PS) and 780 lb-ft (1,058 Nm) on 93 octane). Thirty Code Reds will be made, modified from GT500s for the not insignificant sum of $209,995, excluding the donor car. Of course, there’s a catch: Shelby is selling the Code Red for off-highway use only, while the upgrades will void all manufacturer warranties.

Pilot Crash Lands Plane In Front Of Cars On Busy Florida Road After Running Out Of Gas

A few of us may have had a moment of absent-mindedness or a faulty gauge to blame for running out of fuel in our cars. But, when you’re flying a plane, running out of gas can have dire consequences. Thankfully for Remy Colin, when his plane ran out of fuel, he was able to escape with minor injuries. Footage taken from a car on the ground captured the moment the pilot had to ditch the plane on a busy street in Orlando. Thankfully no other bystanders were caught up in the incident.

What Else Is Making The News

Tom Hardy Wins Two Gold Medals In Jiu-Jitsu Competition

Actor Tom Hardy has won two gold medals in the REORG Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship held in the UK. Hardy, who has starred in The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max, and Venom, learned Brazilian jiu-jitsu while preparing for his role as an MMA fighter in the 2011 film Warrior, reports the Daily Mail.

PlayStation Sued In The UK For $5.9 Billion Over Ripping People Off

Sony is being sued for £5 billion ($5.9 billion) for charging a 30 percent commission fee on all digital purchases made through the UK PlayStation Store and using an anti-competitive strategy. The claimant, a consumer rights group, wants to distribute potential damages to players who have used the PlayStation UK store since August 2016, reports Sky News.


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