Dacia Jogger Converted Into An Affordable Camper By Camperiz


Dacia has officially confirmed they are working on a camper version of the Jogger, but another company from Spain called Camperiz is already offering an aftermarket kit for the affordable crossover wagon.

The Dacia Jogger Camperiz looks just like any other Jogger from the outside. If you open the boot, however, you’ll come across a compact module that makes the MPV a fitting companion for your camping trips. Predictably, the module takes up the entire boot space, so buyers must forget the third-row option. Still, the two front rows remain unaffected.

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Camperiz’s module includes a foldable mattress, turning into a double bed measuring 1,05 m (41.3 inches) wide. The bed is placed on the folded rear bench, with the lower part of it reclining, allowing easier access to the boot. Underneath, we either find a storage compartment with a capacity of 60 lt (2.1 cubic feet), or a small 15-lt (0.5 cubic feet) fridge and a portable sink. The latter has a collapsible faucet that can double as a shower head, using water from the 12-lt (2.6 gallons) tank. There is also an optional portable gas stove for camping enthusiasts who prefer to cook their own meals.

The Jogger’s cabin has adjustable LED lighting, double USB ports for charging, and a 12-volt socket, all powered by a 100 amp auxiliary battery. The windows get nine layers of thermal insulation and can be tinted. The list of optional equipment on Camperiz‘s website includes a set of folding chairs and a table, static heating from Webasto, a hot water system, and a retractable awning. More importantly, the optional roof box has a capacity of up to 480 lt (17 cubic feet) making up for the lack of cargo space in the boot. The roof rack can be customized to carry bicycles, skis, or even a surfboard, depending on the preferences of the owner.

The Dacia Jogger is known as one of Europe’s most affordable family vehicles, making the Camperiz version one of the cheapest new campers on the market. More specifically, prices start from €23,295 if you want the basic kit, and can reach up to €28,728 for those who click on every possible option. Below, you can watch a video presentation of the Dacia Jogger Camperiz uploaded on a Spanish dealership’s YouTube channel (Grupo de Santiago Automoción). Unfortunately, it is not in English but it shows all of the vehicle’s features.


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