De Tomaso P900 Is A V12-Powered Hypercar Reserved For The Track


De Tomaso Automobili unveiled the P900, their new track-only hypercar that will be produced in a limited number of 18 units priced at $3 million each. The P900 looks like an evolution of the road-going P72 and comes with a naturally aspirated V12 producing 888 hp – or an F1-sourced V10 for those who want the car delivered as soon as possible.

In terms of exterior design, the P900 continues the successful recipe introduced by the P72 in 2019, which in turn was inspired by the 1965 De Tomaso P70 racecar. The hypercar is based on a carbon-fiber tub, with the body made of the same material.

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While some parts are sourced from the road-going hypercar including the fender-mounted headlights and the glass canopy, most of the bodywork is new featuring even more extreme details and aero components. At the front, the splitter has larger fins, the bonnet has a new intake and the front fenders are more pronounced featuring integrated gills.

The profile is more sculpted than before, but it is the rear end that has changed the most compared to the P72. It has a massive rear wing hugging the tail with LEDs and active aero technology, which is connected to the new vented engine cover through a central fin. The turbine-style round LED taillights are combined with a set of gold-finished round tailpipes positioned above the large diffuser. We don’t have any photos of the interior yet but we suspect a more spartan atmosphere with racing buckets and plenty of exposed carbon fiber.

V12 Power In Favor Of Silent EVs

While an electric powertrain would certainly produce more power and torque, De Tomaso doesn’t like silent hypercars. Thus, they blessed the P900 with a naturally aspirated V12 built by the German engineering firm Capricorn which has a lot of experience in motorsports. De Tomaso claims that the P900’s V12 is the lightest and smallest yet, with a weight of 220 kg (485 pounds).

The likely glorious-sounding engine will rev up to 12,300 rpm, will be compatible with carbon-neutral synthetic fuel, and is expected to produce as much as 888 hp (662 kW / 900 PS). Power will be transmitted to the rear axle through a sequential Xtrac gearbox. The company didn’t reveal the performance figures but announced a dry weight of 900 kg (1,984 pounds) which indicates a weight-to-power ratio of 1 kg per PS.

Development of the V12 is still ongoing and will continue in 2024. However, impatient customers who wish to obtain their De Tomaso P900 as soon as possible have an alternative powertrain choice in the form of a V10 sourced from the 1997 Benetton B197 F1 single-seater. The V10 most likely be less powerful than the V12, since it produced around 750 hp in racing form, however it will still sound amazing.

The De Tomaso P900 will make its public debut in summer 2023, when we will learn more about its specs and hopefully see it in the flesh since we are now limited to high-quality renderings. The 18 lucky owners of the $3 million hypercar will have access to support from De Tomaso engineers in order to prepare their P900 for track days. The company said there are still some build slots available for purchase potential customers shouldn’t waste any time before placing their order.

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