Demand Of The 718 Series Is So High That Porsche Will Tap VW Group’s Osnabruck Plant For Extra Volume


Porsche announced this week that it will start overflow production of the 718 at the Volkswagen Group plant in Osnabrück, Germany which will start producing the model in the middle of next year.

“The multi-brand plant in Osnabrück has already been a proven partner in our Porsche production network in the past,” says Albrecht Reimold, head of production and logistics at Porsche AG. “Our colleagues were responsible for the overflow production of the Cayenne and the 718 Cayman.”

Porsche cites high demand for the mid-engine sports cars as the reason for this additional production. The company further adds that the change will not affect the number of employees it has at its main plant in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. That’s because the plant is working at full capacity as it stands. Tasked with producing both the 718 models and the 911, it is a victim of the brand’s own success.

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As noted by Reimold, this isn’t the first time Porsche has turned to Volkswagen’s Osnabrück plant. In 2012, the automaker ran into exactly the same issue and called on the site to help it with overflow production of the convertible version of the car, which at the time was known simply as the Boxster.

Indeed, Road & Track reported at the time that the plant has been called upon to produce parts for Porsche several times in the past. Bodies for the 356 hardtop coupe were built there in the ’60s and for the Porsche 968 in the ’90s. The plant also built the 914 there, producing 115,000 units between 1969 and 1975.

“We are glad to be able to draw on these many years of experience and realize as many of our customers’ sports car dreams as possible,” said Reimold.


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