Dermot Kennedy teases secret event for lucky Irish and UK fans


Keep calm and check your DMs…

Dermot Kennedy has slid into the inbox of a few lucky fans in Ireland and the UK and we don’t quite know why yet. Last night the singer shared a very interesting Tweet which sent his fans wild, writing, “UK and Ireland fans, I’ve got something very exciting planned for your over here on Twitter. Some of you may be receiving a special invite soon so keep an eye on your DMs…”

Of course, fans were very eager to find out what this DM involved, begging in the comments to be the one to receive the message with one writing, “Personally I think I should be DM’d because I was the first person to ever ask you for a signature yeaaars ago x Still have the notebook.” Another wrote, “I don’t use this enough BUT HI. It’s been a while. I love DMs lol x”.

Some of the lucky recipients shared a snippet of their message from the ‘Better Days’ singer although all we could see was a “Hi”.

One fan may have given the game away as they missed Dermot’s original Tweet and asked the internet if anyone else has gotten an invite to a London listening party from the singer. What an invite!

Although there’s no confirmation this is the actual event… It seems believable!

Dermot has recently announced a North American tour which includes a date in Madison Square Garden, which naturally he is ecstatic about.

Speaking of the achievement he tweeted, “I genuinely can’t really believe it. Getting to say I have a headline show at the Garden is hard to process. I feel quite emotional about it!! But thank you for this moment.”

Congratulations Dermot we love to see it! Feel free to send us a DM!


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