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Designer’s Imaginary Bodykit For The 2023 Nissan Z Is A Sign Of Wild Things To Come

While the underpinnings of the 2023 Nissan Z are not all new, its new exterior styling does represent a dramatic departure from the 350Z and 370Z models that came before it, instead evoking memories of classics like the 240Z and 280Z.

Most enthusiasts seem to like the retro-themed look and eager to add some extra muscle to the sports car, designer Hycade has dreamed up an extensively modified Z that may eventually hit the roads.

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In transforming the Nissan, the designer started at the front-end, crafting a bold front fascia with an enlarged air intake, a pronounced splitter, and a more shapely and aggressive bumper. As with any good aftermarket bodykit, the front and rear wheel arches have been flared, transforming the car’s presence on the road. A bespoke hood has also been fitted.

The modifications continue along the sides with a pair of extender skirts and a set of aftermarket wheels.

Found at the rear of Hycade’s overhauled Nissan Z is a larger fixed rear wing, a beefed-up bumper, enlarged tailpipes and a more striking diffuser.

It is unclear if the designer has any plans to work with an aftermarket tuner to bring this bodykit to life but we wouldn’t be surprised if it does eventually become a reality. After all, Z models from Nissan have also been popular among enthusiasts and are frequently modified and upgraded. With this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas fast approaching, we expect to see the 2023 Z take the event by storm.

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