Dodge Challenger Driver Tries Running From Police, Fails In Spectacular Fashion


Running from the police is never a good idea and that’s especially true if your driving skills leave something to be desired.

That’s the case with this video making the rounds on social media as you can see a Dodge Challenger sitting on the shoulder after being pulled over by police.

While details about the incident aren’t immediately clear, it looks like the driver decided to make a run for it. As you can see, they floor it and the car’s rear end briefly kicks out.

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Unfortunately for them, they don’t know how to handle this situation as they overcorrect and keep their foot on the gas. This sends the Challenger into a barrier, causing extensive front end damage.

The video ends shortly thereafter, so there’s no word on what happened to the driver. It’s also unclear where the incident occurred, but this appears to be a pretty clear case of a failed fleeing and eluding attempt. The punishment varies by state, but the driver is likely facing a long list of charges.

Of course, this driver is far from the first to attempt running from police and failing in spectacular fashion. Just a few months ago, video surfaced of a Honda CR-V attempting to pass a semi while fleeing from police. After successfully changing lanes, that driver overcorrected and slammed into the side of the semi.

However, their day got significantly worse as they drove the crossover off the highway and onto the grass. They then plowed through a fence, before hitting an embankment, which launched the Honda into a building.


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