Dodge Challenger To Get Limited-Run Multicolor Wrap That Showcases All 14 Of Its New Hues


Back in August, Dodge revealed that they would be re-releasing a handful of retro colors for the Charger and Challenger, bringing the total number of “hi-impact” colors offered for the cars to 14. To visually represent that, they brought along a Challenger that was vinyl wrapped in all 14 colors, and now they’re making it available to the public.

Made in collaboration with CG Detroit, the wrap is available for a limited time for $3,700. That price doesn’t include installation, but Dodge does provide a link to a list of 3M certified installers on the DodgeGarage website.

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The colors offered on the wrap are Plum Crazy, Frostbite, B5 Blue, Sublime, F8 Green, Go Mango, Sinamon Stick, Octane Red, Torred, Triple Nickel, Destroyer Grey, Granite, Pitch Black, and White Knuckle. And if the images on DodgeGarage’s website are anything to go by, they will appear on the car in that order from front to back.

In all likelihood, this wrap comes as part of Dodge‘s “Last Call” sendoff to their ICE muscle cars, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes the thing to have when people begin reselling their special Challengers for ridiculous prices in 10 to 20 years’ time.

Whether or not the special wrap will be made available for the Charger is still unknown, so it seems we’ll just have to wait and see. There is the possibility that even if Dodge currently has no plans to offer it right now, they could choose to do so at a later date if demand for the Challenger‘s version is strong enough. Regardless of which cars the wrap is available for, though, it’s still fun to see manufacturers putting out fun and creative options for their vehicles.

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