Dodge Charger Hellcat Driver Pulls Off Disappearing Act While Fleeing Cops


Social media is filled with all kinds of weird car-related videos but this one, recently filmed somewhere in the U.S., is one of the most bizarre we’ve come across in quite some time.

It is understood that things may have started when the driver of a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat was being chased by police. The driver then seems to have made the decision to stop in the middle of a road where there were a bunch of spectators and apparently jumped out and hid in the crowd.

Blissfully unaware of this, a police officer begins beating on the driver’s side window of the Dodge, thinking the driver was still inside but unable to see due to the car’s heavy tint. For almost 25 seconds, the officer smashes the window with his baton before realizing the car was unlocked and opening the door.

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The officer quickly discovered that there was no one in the car and begins to walk back to his police cruiser. Meanwhile, the owner of the Hellcat took this opportunity to run out of the crowd, making a beeline for his car and quickly jumping inside. The owner then puts the car in drive and begins to flee the scene, leaving the officer with no choice but to chase after the car on foot.

It is unclear what happened after the video cuts off and it doesn’t seem as anyone on the Reddit thread that shared the video knows either. If we were to guess, the officer might have already taken note of the Charger‘s license plate before the driver fled, in which case tracking them down shouldn’t be too difficult.

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