Domino’s Rolling Out Fleet Of 855 Chevy Bolt Electric Pizza Delivery Vehicles


A few years ago, Domino’s introduced the Chevy Spark-based DXP pizza delivery vehicle with a built-in warming oven. Now, the company is going electric by announcing plans for a fleet of more than 800 Chevrolet Bolts.

More than 100 Bolts will arrive at select franchise and corporate stores this month, while the remaining units will start deliveries by the end of 2023. When all 855 of them are in service, Domino’s will have the largest electric pizza delivery fleet in the United States.

Domino’s said the decision to go electric builds on their “longstanding history with innovating the pizza delivery space.” The company also noted the Bolt offers several benefits including zero-emissions, advanced safety features, and lower maintenance costs than traditional ICE-powered vehicles. Domino’s went on to say having a fleet of electric vehicles provides “more opportunity to attract delivery drivers who don’t have a car of their own.”

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Furthermore, EVs like the Bolt allow the largest pizza company in the world to avoid the “financial impact of high gas prices.” AAA reports the national average price is $3.662 per gallon, but in pizza-loving California drivers are spending $5.252 per gallon.

According to Domino’s CEO Russell Weiner, “Domino’s has always been on the cutting edge of pizza delivery and electric delivery cars make sense as vehicle technology continues to evolve. We’ve made a commitment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and this is one way we can begin reducing our environmental impact, one delivery at a time.”

His sentiments were echoed by GM Fleet vice president Ed Peper, who remarked “With an affordable price, fun driving characteristics, and a 259 mile (417 km) range, the Chevy Bolt EV is the future of Domino’s electrified deliveries.” Speaking of pricing, the 2023 Chevrolet Bolt starts at $25,600 before a $995 destination charge.

That’s pretty reasonable for an electric vehicle, but nothing beats free and Domino’s is giving two cars away as part of a contest.


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